Major Update: ALL Games


Since that our Game Engine updated, and we returned to our old Logo.
We’ll be updating Suicide Block, and XA-41.
This includes the fixing of known bugs.
And the adding on the old logo.


Suicide Block

We’ll be adding a new highscore systems.
So it no longer shares over all difficulties.
Also the bug with Hard mode.
Where the level stops or crashes, upon death.

We’ll also be adding a few new textures.

Suicide Block will also be released for PC/Mac



We’ll be fixing the problem with the UI.
The UI bug, is that the UI dosnt fit on all resolutions.
It dosnt scale at all.
Features planned:
Powerups (Shield, Extra life, Shooting boost)



The creation of Jumpi! has been slowed.
Since our focus has been put, on our Work in Progress game.
The game we’re focusing on, is a FPS Online game.
It takes up most of the time.


– Minac2503, Developer. (Date of Post: 11/04/2015 (DD/MM/YY))