Game Release: XA-42

A new game is soon releasing in Beta, for both Windows, Mac, and Android.
(IPhone comming in the future)
XA-42 is an upgrade of the old XA-41 (A very simple 2D game).
This game on the other hand, is 2.5D / 3D (Depending on which you select, in the options menu).

NOTE: XA-42 is currently in Alpha.

Website Update

The website has had a little layout change.
Hopefully this looks better with the posts, and with alot of other things.
More updates will be following. Along with new Game releases.

Raging Bullets Update: 0.2.0

New: A new map has been added.

Removed: US and ?? servers.

I forgot to add extra weapons…
I’ll be working on them, as fast as i can.
And upload v0.2.1

Major Update: ALL Games


Since that our Game Engine updated, and we returned to our old Logo.
We’ll be updating Suicide Block, and XA-41.
This includes the fixing of known bugs.
And the adding on the old logo.


Suicide Block

We’ll be adding a new highscore systems.
So it no longer shares over all difficulties.
Also the bug with Hard mode.
Where the level stops or crashes, upon death.

We’ll also be adding a few new textures.

Suicide Block will also be released for PC/Mac



We’ll be fixing the problem with the UI.
The UI bug, is that the UI dosnt fit on all resolutions.
It dosnt scale at all.
Features planned:
Powerups (Shield, Extra life, Shooting boost)



The creation of Jumpi! has been slowed.
Since our focus has been put, on our Work in Progress game.
The game we’re focusing on, is a FPS Online game.
It takes up most of the time.


– Minac2503, Developer. (Date of Post: 11/04/2015 (DD/MM/YY))

Update Blog: Suicide Block #09

There havent really been any updates on suicide block lately.
We are still working on the last few bugs.
But other than that, the game is about done.
We put all our focus in Jumpi, and our FPS multiplayer game.
So it’ll take a little time, before Suicide Block is updated again.
(The last update)

Update Blog: Suicide Block #08

Version 1.40 is out on the Play Store.
Forgot to blog the 1.30..

Removed a tile, but going to add a new.
Changed a little on the titlescreen.

1.45 or 1.50 might take some time.
Since working on another project.

Update Blog: Suicide Block #07

Version 1.26 is up on the Play Store. <Link>
The only bug that i know of, in this version.
Is simply the jumping bug.
(You sometimes get a small jumpboost, which can either help, or kill you.)

If anyone beats my old highscore. (354(Got deleted under doing some beta testing.))
Then please do same a screenshot of it. And mail it to me. (
Would be awesome.