Sphere Dash 2: Update v2.1.0 & v2.1.2

v2.1.2 – Update!
– 3D Mode now gives the correct amount of points.
– Updated 3D Mode. Not everything was 3D.
– Upgraded the UI, it should now run more smoothly.
– Added a “Report a bug” feature.

v2.1.0 – Performance Update!
– New Mode: 3D Mode.
– VignetteAndChromaticAberration effect Removed.
– ContrastEnhance effect Removed.
– Antialiasing effect Removed.
– Increased minimum Android API level to 21 (was 16).
– Removed Mode: Dual Chaos.

Available from the Google Play Store.

Name Change!

MinacDev Entertainment is changing it’s name to Null Studios.
When MinacDev was first started, it was just me; And my alias was Minac.
Now its no longer just me, and MinacDev is difficult to pronounce and listen to. When you hear it for the first time.
So to make things easier in general, we decided to change our name.
From now on we’re Null Studios.
Not too tough to say or hear.  And it sounds a little cool aswell 😉

Our domain name for the time being, will remain as MinacDev.com

Game Release: Boom Box Redux

Boom Box Redux is a Sandbox game, where you play around with physics. (Mainly bombs)
Multiple kinds of bombs can be found, achievements, and other fun stuff.
Play around in the anti-gravity room.
Destroy the destuctible castle. Or build your own small things and just.. BLOW it up!

I “Accidently” blew up the castle, using a few splinter bombs. Whoops..

Boom Box Redux can be found on GameJolt.

Game Release: Sphere Dash 2

Game Header
Sphere Dash 2 is an infinite runner type game.
Your goal is to climb as far as possible.

Different gamemodes can be found in the game, such as Speed Run and Zero Gravity.

Bored? Don’t have anything to do?
Try Sphere Dash 2. Maybe you’d like it.

Game Modes: Free Mode, Zero Gravity, Time Trial, Speed Run, Moving Death, Opposite Threat, Double Jump, Gravity Field, SuperHot.

Special thanks to @JenTheFoxy on Twitter, for the music and custom made theme for Sphere Dash 2.

Sphere Dash 2 can be found on the Android Play Store.

Game Release: Destrus

Destrus is a Roguelike RPG set in a dungeon.

You’re just an ordinary person, suddently waking up in some random dungeon.
Yet to know that you weren’t the only one, and it’s only gonna get worse.
In order to survive, you must fight your way through the dungeon and defeat the master of the dungeon.
Better be cautious though.. You never know what’s lurking around.
*(I don’t want to spoil too much)*

More information about Destrus can be found on GameJolt.

NOTE: Destrus is still under development.

User Account Purge

Due to an insane amount of spam bots.
We’ve decided to purge the entire user account database.
This means that your login on this website will no longer work.

How ever, all MDE accounts created using our LoginSystem3 are all intact.
Since we’re only purging the website’s user account database, our game’s database is not touched.

To ensure no further spam bots. We’ve banned alot of IPs that showed up with a suspicious User Agent.
(Also accidently banned ALL other IPs in the process.. Oopsie.)

A new system has also been added to the website.
This will help avoid the nasty spam bots.

Note that we are not deleting them all at once, but some at a time.