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[MMO-RPG] Project Entity

Post by Aly » Mon Apr 09, 2018 4:22 pm

Project started: 12/01/2017 (DD/MM/YYYY)

Project Entity is a combine project of Project Dreamside and Project Relic.
(This project actually works so far..)

You take upon the same kind of characters like the ones from Dreamside.
But has the updated things from Project Relic.

The level cap so far in alpha is Lv. 20.





Last patch for Entity:
Patch Notes (Pre-Alpha v0.1.0):

- 4 new classes has been added:
- Beast.
- Cleric.
- Warlock.
- Mystic.

- Beast:
-- Swipe: Swipe every foe infront of you for 5 damage.
-- Bite: You bite the enemy. Dealing 25 damage.
-- Evade: You start evading. Giving you 80% increased dodge chance for 2 seconds.

- Cleric:
-- Light's Hand: Deal 5 damage to an enemy, or heal a friendly target for 25 health. (PvP Effect: Healing only works on yourself)
-- Blessing: Gain 15% crit chance, and 15% dodge chance for 8 seconds.

- Mystic:
-- Healing Touch: Heal a friendly target for 30 health.
-- Energy Explosion: Fire an energy missile at an enemy, exploding on impact and dealing 4 damage to nearby enemies.

- Warlock:
-- Void Bolt: Fire a void magic bolt at an enemy dealing 8 damage, and suffer 2 health.
-- Aura of Destruction: Gain 20% crit chance, increase damage by 5, and suffer 5 health per second for 10 seconds.

- Warrior:
-- Slash: Slash an enemy with your weapon, dealing 5 damage.
-- Power Strike: Swing your weapon with all your force, dealing 15 damage to all nearby enemies.
-- Health Aura: Increase your maximum health by 50, for 60 seconds.
-- Enrage: Causes you to go enrage. Healing yourself for 20 health, and an additional 1% health every second for X seconds.
-- Blockade: You raise your shield. Becomming immune to all damage for 7 seconds, but decreases your own damage by 100%. Blockade will also heal you for 2% health, every second.

- All UI now has the correct textures.
- Character Creation & Selection screens have been updated.
- Particle effects have been added to the Creation screen.
- Character selection now shows the level, aswell as last known location of youre character.
- A clock has been added, so you can see the time.
- The quality of the minimap has been increased by 100%.
- All class icons have been updated.

- The main city is now named "Edia City".

- Rarity has been added to items:
-- Uncommon.
-- Common.
-- Rare.
-- Superior.
-- Legendary.
-- Legendary Set.
- Feral Claw: Default weapon for the Beast class.

- Titles or clan names, can now be added to the player.
- Players now start with 10 gold, instead of 0.
Cause of death: Project got too big for one person to complete. Lack of time.

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