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Update Blog: Website #01

Finally updated the website, so it fits with the ned update of “Suicide Block”.

– Music to the Suicide Block page.
– Picture slider to the Suicide Block page.
– Update Blog: Website.

– Colors of the menu (Blue to Red).
– The FavIcon.ico in the Suicide Block game.html
– Link on picture on the front page.

– Text on the front page, about the update.

Update Blog: Suicide Block (Beta Build 1.1.16)

Speed Increase feature has been changed a little.
Now instead of changing speed, it just does a random speed (Between 0.5 – 2.0)
(Reason for speed change: Incase you die. it’ll take you alot of time, getting back at the speed you died at.)
New UI features in progress (No spoilers)
Music extension (So it isn’t just the same song in a loop. (This will make the file bigger))

Update Blog: Suicide Block #06

Working on the bug, with dying by jumping on the blocks.

The new update is out!
Go check it out.

New UI and Sprites.
New music.
New titlescreen.
New levels menu.
New feature (speed increase).

Update Blog: Suicide Block

The name “Infinite Dash” has been a temp name, from the start.

So we found a name for it now.

“Suicide Block”. One of my friends were testing my game. And he couldn’t get past the “Suicide Blocks”, as he called them.
And we thought that since you’re a block. and you kill yourself alot. Then why not “Suicide Block”.

The “Infinite Dash” on posts and pages, will be changed to the new name.
Games uploaded (On the website, and android store.) will only update, once the game is out
(When I’m done with the update)

Update Blog: New Project #01

The Multiplayer of the game works over LAN so far.
I’m working on making it connect, with 2 diffrent IPs.
(Easier said than done)
Else perhaps later on, you’ll need Hamachi. To play with Friends.
(As said, working on it. So might not need Hamachi)

Update Blog: Suicide Block (Beta Build 1.1.05)

Beta Build 1.1.05

Added new music to the game.
(FearOfDark – Flame Repellent, added to the website soon)

Button sound has been removed from level menu buttons.
(In hope about, that that will fix the problem.)

Getting the button sound back on later.
But for now, no sound. (Not in this build atleast)

Game fixed and working.
Highscore is split out over all diffculties (bugfix)
The “Hard” level does not exist in this build.
And “Easy” does not have a restart option (After you die, it does not restart)

Download the Beta Build 1.1.05  (For advanced users (Android Only))