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You die and it's game over.

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Depths of Destrus

Adventure or Die

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Many monsters awaiting a plaything.. You.

Different monsters inhabit the depths of Destrus. From slimes to fire spirits, how do you deal with them?
Read more about the threats in Destrus on our Monster Index page.

Monster Index

First Person Combat

Class Skill Trees

In Depths of Destrus you can become more powerful by choosing various skills in any of our skill trees. Each skill tree allows the usage of weapon skills.
Here are a few of the unique effects of each tree.


‘Vampiric Embrace’ allows you to heal based on damage dealt.
‘Last Stand’ triggers when taking lethal damage, saving your life and healing you to 35% health.


‘Signet of Thieves’ gives access to the attribute Dexterity.
‘Finders Keepers’ increases the chance to find consumables.


‘Mana Mastery’ increases your elemental resistance based on your mana.
‘Mana Shield’ reduces all damage taken by 50%, but drains mana based on the damage prevented.


‘Gatherer’ gives a low chance to obtain items when killing enemies.
‘Contract Killer’ increases experience gain by 20%.


‘Faith’ increases damage based on 75% of Willpower.
‘Divine Reckoning’ increases lightning damage by 10%, armor by 8%, and using a consumable makes you explode with a holy radiance, causing 75 lightning damage to nearby enemies.


‘Survival Instincts’ increases damage by 40% while under 20% health
‘Raven Aspect’ makes you immune to spike damage.


Abandon your humanity and give in to the call of the void, becoming unable to use other types on magic.
‘Torment’ increases the damage you take by 50%.


‘Voidwalker’ is a little more unique.
Become the ultimate voidwalker.
Chance to deal triple damage on any attack.
Attack speed increased by 15%
All damage except void decreased by 100%
Enemy attacks ignore all resistances by 100%

Item Examples


Rarity: Rare
Physical Damage: 5-10
Frost Damage: 15
Attack Speed: +10%

Thunder Warden Staff

Rarity: Rare
Lightning Damage: 25
Mana Cost: 15

Soul of Secrecy

Rarity: Legendary
Elemental Resistance: +5%
Stamina: +2
Spirit: +1
Willpower: +4

River’s Neckless

Rarity: Rare
Spirit: +2
Willpower: +1
Love: +10%


Game Tester Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our testers say:

Well the game is okay, at this moment it’s not something I would choose to play over other titles (at least not yet), but it’s a decent working game nonetheless.
It still needs work, needs more ideas, but it’s a work in progress.


Destrus is the type of game you sit back and enjoy. It implores you to relax and digest its intricate hallways and discover every secret its depths hold.


It’s everything you’d want from a dungeon game. It got an interesting story, while you have to fight hordes of monsters to make your way through the dungeon to see the end. Great game to relax with, while still being full of action.


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My name is Makari and we are the Tophatters.
This community is about you and the fun times we can have together, streaming daily, no drama, no elitism.
Just good times and good vibes.

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Our Team


Team Leader & Lead Developer

I’ve always loved games, primarily the fantasy genre
A place I could go to any time and have fun, perhaps a little magic, perhaps a few dragons.

I personally want to make a game that others can enjoy; the same way I enjoyed playing games for years.


Developer, 3D Artist & Concept Designer

I’ve had passion for games for a long time, and I enjoy working with Aly to create something we would enjoy to watch and grow into something great.

Kit (Reina)

Writer / Story Maker

My name’s Kit, but I’m commonly referred to as Reina.
I have several passions, those of which include worldbuilding/lore, and writing. This prompted Aly to ask Arch if he knew someone, and Arch indeed knew someone.
I’ve known Arch for a good while, and have happily hopped on board to help him and Aly further succeed in their goals with Null Studios.
(Also, rise up fellow Broadway/West End lovers. How are we doing on this fine day?)


Pixel Artist & Music Designer

Danish | Astrophotographer And Space Lover | Fox Supremacist | Pixel Artist | I Have Opinions


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